Join us at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2024 for the 2nd Official Galaxy Children: Explorers card game tournament! Compete for trophies, prizes, and a chance to show off your Explorer skills. Demo Games will be run all weekend to allow new players practice time before the tournaments.

Find us in the Gaming Hall at Booth G124 and Tabletopia Table #4 for details and registration!

Location Maps & Tournament Details:


View demo plays of the  Galaxy Children: Explorers card & dice game, explore online games, and follow game developments


Learn about the Galaxy Child species, Draco evolutions, speech, predators, and much more in the expansive Expedition Guide. 


Learn the stories and history of your favorite discovered Galaxy Child and Dracos. New discoveries documented yearly.


Upcoming game tournaments, special events, and fundraising goals for the expansion of the Galaxy Children Universe.

New Discoveries

New Discoveries

Keep up with the latest Galaxy Children Universe updates and news! Includes first looks at new expansions, video feeds, photo galleries and more.

Study the Stars

We love space. A lot. Which is why we encourage players of our games to get out and explore the very stars that inspired the world of Galaxy Children! Our favorite local observatory is Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona, which boasts ton of educational opportunities and open deck observations of our universe.

The Creator of Galaxy Children

Sarah “Sai” Rebecca is the artist, writer, and creator of the Galaxy Children Universe. She has been illustrating and storytelling for nearly 20 years, often incorporating space and stars in her work. Galaxy Children is her first game property, with two new game universes currently in development. Learn more about the artist at her projects on her website below.

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