Galaxy Children


Live Demo Game Players can earn limited edition prizes.  View Sarah Rebecca’s Events Calendar to see where and when the next live Demo Games will be held!

About Galaxy Children: Explorers

Do you like space and fantasy? How about dragon-like creatures? Like to collect shiny artwork and uncover an intricate story piece by piece? Are you in to easy-to-learn card games and 10-sided dice? Then the Galaxy Children: Explorers game is definitely for you!

I love story-based play featuring puzzles or fun interactive elements and it’s always been my goal to turn my Galaxy Children universe into a set of PC and mobile games. But since I have no experience making video games, I decided to start with something physical and fun: A card game!

I wanted to show off the unique art of Galaxy Children while also involving dice-based mechanics which is why the deck is tarot-sized and requires a D10 vital to game play. I will be expanding the original deck with new Galaxy Children, Dracos, and ability cards but the original game will remain completely playable with no deck-building required.

Watch Games!

Not sure if this game is for you? Well sit back and watch some videos of new and veteran players enjoying the game!

We will be adding more videos in the coming months as we process our event data from the current year. 

If you would like to submit your own gameplay videos for the gallery, please reach out to Sarah Rebecca!

Galaxy Children Lore Books

Discovery is the first collection of the Galaxy Children series! Explore in-depth species details, learn basic anatomy for Child, Draco, and their predators, and read the individual stories of Generation I and II Children and Dracos in one colorful artbook!

Video Game

A set of mobile and PC games are currently in development for the Galaxy Children Universe! More information will be available in 2024, so stay tuned!

You can also download a demo level of the game below (PC Desktop Only)

Online Games

Relax and enjoy some casual online games featuring Galaxy Children! More games coming soon.

Match Forms I

Practice your Pairs with Generation I Galaxy Children and Dracos

Match Forms II

Practice your Pairs with Generation II Galaxy Children and Dracos

Speech Synthesizer

Explore the sound of Galaxy Children with the Voice Synthesizer