Galaxy Children

Galaxy Children Historia

Generation I

Discovered 2015-2016

Black Comet Niko

Full Name: Alpha Niger Komítis

Attribute: Object

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Niko is serious, kind and likes to explore.
Niko and Nefé were born at the same time and practically next to each other on the very edge of Gnatienas-A1 so they consider each other sisters. However Niko grew restless and eventually left her sister to go explore the galaxy. During her travels she developed a fierce and vengeful nature that earned her the title of Guardian among the younger Galaxy Children of Gnatienas-A1.

Niko evolved into her Draco form after witnessing a series of tragic events perpetrated by the Skiá. As a result, her evolution is forever tied to her emotional state. Whenever her fellow Galaxy Children are in danger she is able to evolve to protect them.

Black Comet Niko Guardian

Full Name: Alpha Niger Komítis Kidemónas Draco

Attribute: Object and Nebula

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

There is a third evolution that very few Galaxy Children achieve: the Kidemónas Draco.
This Draco form possesses a second attribute and thus twice the abilities as a standard Draco. Niko uses this form to defend the borders of Gnatienas-A1 from the Skiá and replace lost stars. Her wings can create nebulae with one sweep . She can even destroy a Skiá Draco.

Red Star Ceras

Full Name: Beta Cerasinus Astéri

Attribute: Null

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-R2

A fun-loving and adventurous Galaxy Child, Ceras has traveled all over his galaxy and eventually made his way to Gnatienas-A1 to continue his adventures. However, his travels are cut short when he meets Nefé and Hiaem.

Ceras evolved to Draco form in order to travel the vast spaces between galaxies. Unlike most Galaxy Children, Ceras can shift between his two forms at will and does so on regular occasion.

Green Cloud Hiaem

Full Name: Gamma Paphiae Myrti Sýnnefo

Attribute: Null [Nebula]

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

A shy, quiet, and gentle Galaxy Child. Hiaem’s original Major Star was destroyed in a skirmish with the Skiá and on the cusp of death he floated into Nefé’s nebula. Nefé surrendered one of her Major Stars to save his life, which is why he has a pink color on his extremities. Hiaem now lives happily with Nefé in her expansive nebula.

Hiaem evolved to Draco form when Nefé’s nebula was first attacked by the Skiá. He can also shift between his two forms when need be, a trick taught to him by Ceras. Because Hiaem’s original major star was replaced by one of Nefé’s, his attribute changes to nebula while in Draco form.

Pink Nebula Nefé

Full Name: Delta Ruber Tarentinus Neféloma

Attribute: Nebula

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Nefé is very caring and intuitive. When Niko grew restless and decided to explore the galaxy, Nefé started her own nebula. As a Nebula Galaxy Child she can shed Minor Stars and regenerate her Major Star if necessary, which later enabled her to save Hiaem’s life.

When the Skiá first attacked Nefé’s nebula she was unable to defend herself or her adopted family. Nefé was determined to never feel so useless again and during a second invasion she evolved, destroying so many Skiá that they have never returned to her nebula.

As a Nebula Galaxy Child, Nefé can evolve to Draco at will within her own nebula. Outside of her nebula her evolution would be tethered to her emotional state since that was the impetus for her initial evolution.

Yellow Cascade Lonía

Full Name: Epsilon Galbinus Allilouchía

Attribute: Nebula

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Very playful and creative, Lonía’s favorite thing to do is decorate. She is constantly venturing outside her nebula to cast Minor Stars all over Gnatienas-A1, often times getting them stuck in the rings of planets or asteroid belts. This particular habit is how she first met Zetme.

In Lonía’s first skirmish with the Skiá she had her Major star ripped away. Unable to regenerate it without the healing light of her nebula, she was forced to take her Draco form to temporarily stem the effects of her injuries. She later reverted and drifted near an asteroid belt where Zetme found her.

Dusk Meteor Zetme

Full Name: Zeta Carinus Metéoro

Attribute: Object

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Serious and solitary Zetme prefers to keep to himself in his expansive asteroid belt, except on the rare occasion when he visits supernovas within Gnatienas-A1. On a return from one such journey he stumbled across the injured Lonía. He knew of Lonía from her previous trips around the galaxy and took her back to her nebula to heal. They became somewhat friends after that, but Zetme still prefers solitude.

Zetme has always been fascinated by supernovas. He first evolved to his Draco form when he wandered too close to an exploding star and the force of the blast nearly destroyed him. His evolution is tethered to the presence of supernovas or dying stars.

Generation II

Discovered 2017

Blue Ice Caesi

Full Name: Eta Caesicius Págos

Attribute: Object

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

When Caesi first saw Niko he thought her comets were very stunning. Intimidated and unsure of how to approach her, Caesi took to following Niko in secret. When Niko was nearly sucked into a black hole, Caesi revealed himself and saved her. Their friendship was rocky at the beginning but soon Niko began to depend on Caesi and they explored the galaxy together, defending themselves from the Skiá.

Caesi evolves to his Draco form when exposed to high levels of interstellar ice or comet attribute Galaxy Children. Because he travels with Niko and later Aure, Caesi can evolve to Draco form with aid of his adopted family’s comets.

In Draco form, Caesi can spit interstellar ice and the ice rings around his neck and tail can turn Skiá into molecular clouds.

Blue Star Venas

Full Name: Theta Venetus Astéri

Attribute: Null

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Venas has traveled all over Gnatienas-A1 helping young or lonely Galaxy Children and generally keeping out of the way of the Skiá. After he, Mikí, and Aure stumbled across Caesi and Niko, the five became a surrogate family for one another, and Venas quickly became the center of the group, encouraging and supporting each of them with his practical wisdom and playful sense of humor.

Venas was destroyed while protecting Aure and Mikí during a sneak attack by a pack of Skiá.

Orange Sun Ios

Full Name: Iota Luteus Ílios

Attribute: Object

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Ios is a happy, playful, and extremely powerful Galaxy Child. He spends most of his time with Kýpand Hylia, and often goes on raids to destroy Skiá packs. Ios is considered the leader of the trio, even though he had no sense of leadership and is sometimes forgetful and clueless at the strangest times. His attribute gives him the ability to generate solar flares.

Ios evolves to Draco whenever he is near orange dwarf stars. In this form he can generate solar flares and spit coronal mass ejections, however he rarely uses this form for fighting. Instead you are more likely to see Ios Draco after he’s been challenged to a game of tag by Kýp.

Black Hole Kýp

Full Name: Kappa Niger Trýpa

Attribute: Specialty

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Kýp is a mischievous Galaxy Child who enjoys playing pranks. She appears uncaring at times, but she loves her best friends Ios and Hylia and will do anything to support them and protect them. She isn’t as concerned with protecting the galaxy from Skiá attacks as Ios and Hylia, but she joins in because she knows that’s what her friends are passionate about. Her attribute gives her the ability to create miniature black holes that can suck in enemies. She can also destroy black holes.

Kýp evolves to Draco form when she is near dying stars and black holes. She can also initiate her own evolution by creating a black hole in her Child form.

In her Draco form her tail becomes a supermassive black hole that can destroy a Skiá with one strike.

Silver Cloud Hylia

Full Name: Lambda Conchyliatus Sýnnefo

Attribute: Nebula

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Calm and reserved, Hylia is the only force able to reign in Ios and Kýp. The pair trust Hylia’s good judgement, although her frank assessments often come off as rude to those who are not used to her. Unlike most Nebula Galaxy Children, Hylia has not created her own nebula. She is content to travel with Ios and Kýp wherever their adventures lead. Because Hylia has not shed her regneration ability into a stationary nebula, she is able to heal any Galaxy Child’s major or minor stars simply by touching them. She can also generate miniature emission nebulae to defend against the Skiá.

Hylia evolves to Draco form near naturally occurring emission nebulae. She would be able to use her Draco form at will within a nebula of her own creation, but she refuses to settle down in one area unless Ios and Kýp choose to do so . In her Draco form she can spit stars as well as cast nebulae bombs that explode when touched by the Skiá.

Purple Satellite Mikí

Full Name: Mu Purpura Doryforikí

Attribute: Object

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Quiet, timid, but very kind. Mikí possesses three moon-like satellites that orbit her at all times and often protect and defend her. Asteroids have also been known to obey her, but not consistently.

Mikí lived in the shadow of a gas giant planet for a very long time, hiding from Skiá. Venas discovered her during his travels and hung around to make sure she stayed safe. When the Skiá finally overwhelmed Mikí and forced her into her Draco form, she agreed to travel with Venas to a safer area and they’ve been together ever since.

Because Mikí evolved in the shadow of a gas giant, her evolution to Draco is tethered to the presence of gas giants. In her Draco form Mikí’s primary satellite becomes part of her body armor and can deflect most Skiá attacks. Her two other satellites act as defensive guardians.

Yellow Comet Aure

Full Name: Nu Aureus Komítis

Attribute: Object

Origin Galaxy: Gnatienas-A1

Inquisitive and highly intelligent, Aure is fascinated by the universe around him. His biggest dream is to compile a completed star chart of Gnatienas-A1 and to make peace with the Skiá. He fervently believes there is a way to coexist if only their species could understand one another.

Aure traveled on his own before running into Venas and Mikí. Venas was impressed by Aure’s drive and wished to help him realize his goals. Mikí was intimidated by Aure’s passion. but they eventually became very close friends.

Aure evolved to Draco form after Venas died to protect him and Mikí. Because his first evolution was tied to trauma, he evolves whenever he is extremely upset or in danger.

Although Aure’s Draco form enables him to destroy Skiá with his comets, he is strictly defensive in nature and does not kill. Despite the death of Venas, he still believes there can be coexistence between Galaxy Children and Skiá.