Galaxy Children

Research Log

Keep up to date on game developments, new discoveries, and WIPs from the Galaxy Children Universe!

General Log

Keep up with the latest Galaxy Children Universe updates and news! Includes first looks at new expansions, WIPs, special comics, and more.

Welcome to the Research Log! Here is where you will find development documentation on the Galaxy Children card and dice game and video game. Below is a handy guide to help you navigate:

  • Exploration Log: Developments for the upcoming video game series set in the Galaxy Children Universe
  • Explorers Log: Developments for upcoming expansions and news on the Galaxy Children card and dice games
  • General Log: New Discoveries from the Galaxy Children Universe

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Lore books

Discovery is the first collection of the Galaxy Children lore book series! Explore in-depth species details, learn basic anatomy for Child, Draco, and their predators, and read the individual stories of Generation I and II Children and Dracos in one colorful artbook.